• Massage at Rocha Brava

Relax. The only word you need to know when visiting our beauty salon while indulging in our range of treatments performed by experienced, qualified professionals.

Our friendly group of qualified therapists, masseuses and professionals can offer you a wonderful myriad of treatments . Each and every one of them will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Booking can be arranged at the beauty centre upon your arrival at a time and day to suit you.

Treatments available

Traditional Thai Massage

Developed in Thailand thousands and thousands of years ago traditional Thai massage has very deep roots in ancient medicine and history. Your entire body including your toes, ears and fingers get dropped into a tranquil sea of relaxation and euphoria while our qualified Thai massagers use their hands and their feet to carry out the treatment. Ideal for relieving physical and emotional tension as well as aiding asthma, migraines and anxiety. The treatment usually lasts around 1 hours.

Thai Massage with oils

Much like the traditional Thai massage but we introduce aromatherapy oils that are used throughout all stages of the massage. You’ll experience the exotic, stress relieving flow over you as our trained Thai masseuse relieve all that tension and blocked energy leaving you feeling revived, stress free and most importantly, relaxed. This treatment usually lasts around 1 hours.

Thai foot massage

Originating in China over 2,000 years ago this traditional massage is practiced all over Thailand today – and at Rocha Brava where you can enjoy it too! Our trained masseuse will massage your feet and lower legs improving your circulation, relieving stress. There are lots of other benefits to this massage too combining techniques used in reflexology, Chinese massage and Shiatsu. This treatments lasts up to 60 minutes.

Swedish foot massage

Swedish massage is more modern than other forms of therapeutic treatments and focuses on smooth, slow and gentle movements. More common in Europe this massage is based on the concepts of physiology rather than ancient and traditional medicines and treatments. You’ll experience the massage with an oil and our professional masseuse will work your feet to relieve muscular knots giving a sublime sense of comfort and tranquillity that you’ll feel across your whole body. The treatment is ideal for stress and tension relief and can last up to 60 minutes.

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Focusing on relieving built up tension around your head, neck and shoulders where you naturally carry most tension you’ll feel completely tranquil during this sublime treatment. Our masseuse will use gentle massage oils to work your muscles removing that physical stress starting with your back and shoulders. This massage is ideal for people looking for total comfort and relaxation as well as helping relieve mild back, neck and shoulder aches. The treatment can last up to 30 minutes.

Total body massage

The total body massage is exactly that; around 60 minutes of shear bliss as our trained therapists use calming massage oils to release stress and tension from all over your body leaving you completely fresh and relaxed. Close your eyes as our staff work from the top of your head right down to your toes. Total bliss.

Chiropractic and osteopathic treatments

Provided by qualified therapists we provide a range of chiropractic and osteopathic treatments ideal for aiding many conditions. To find out more about the treatments available please contact the beauty centre who can provide more guidance and let you know availability as well as make your booking. Treatments times vary depending on the course.


This treatment works on your feet and uses the basis that nerve endings in certain areas of your feet can stimulate corresponding parts of the body. This is another excellent treatment for stress relief as it aids the endocrine system in your body which also works with your nervous system and immune system. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and stress free. Treatments vary in length between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.


This treatment is popular at our beauty centre because it combines essential oils which are natural oils extracted from plants to relieve stress, tension and calm the body. Our professional therapists will use a combination of aromatherapy oils combined with a massage technique to free your muscles and body of tension. Treatment varies in time between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Foot treatments

At Rocha Brava we offer a range of foot treatments. Please ask the beauty centre for more details of the procedures available as well as booking times and information. Treatments vary in terms of their time but each treatment can achieve different things depending on your requirements.


Provided by our trained and qualified staff we offer several different treatments for the face. Please ask at the beauty centre for more details and booking information. Treatments times vary in length depending on the treatment being taken and what you would like doing. We offer various courses including exfoliation, masks, peels and face massage. You’ll leave our beauty centre feeling relaxed, tension free and looking great.

Pedicure & Manicure

Our team of experienced and trained beauty therapists are available to perform pedicures and manicures giving your hands and feet a fresh new look. Enjoy relaxing massages while we treat your hands and feet with various professional skin treatments, oils and creams. Great for relieving tension in your hands and feet as well as aiding the relief of various joint and muscle conditions. Treatment times vary depending on the course you choose but more information is available from the beauty centre.


Finally, Rocha Brava’s trained staff also offer various courses in hair removal. Using professional methods and products we provide various courses for depilation. Please ask at the beauty centre for more information on what treatments are available and to make your booking.

We look forward to seeing you soon and welcoming you to the ultimate in Algarvian relaxation!