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Things to do in Portugal

If you’re looking for activities to take part in throughout Portugal or Carvoeiro, you will be spoilt for choice! We have amassed a list of some of the best activities in the region and would recommend you try as many as possible.

Free map of Portugal

Use our free map of Portugal to find out where Rocha Brava is located and where all the best attractions and things to do can be found. You can download this, print it and use it to help you make the most of your stay at the Rocha Brava Village Resort in the Algarve when you’re planning your stay.
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Tours and excursions

Portugal is a region steeped in history and possesses its own unique cultural identity. You probably won’t have time to view everything throughout the country but we have amassed some of our favourite destinations here.


The second largest city in Portugal, Porto (otherwise known as Oporto) has been described as one of the "last undiscovered European metropolises" and possesses ancient roots dating back to the 4th Century. Despite this, Porto is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those looking to experience Spain – winning the European Best Destination award in 2012 and 2014.


For more than one hundred years,Coimbra was Portugal’s medieval capital. However, it is renowned for the University of Coimbra. Established in 1290, this institution is one of the oldest in Europe and featured on the World Heritage List. Despite this academic and historical legacy, the city has embraced the 21st Century and boasts a blend of the modern world while showcasing its unique cultural identity.


The capital city of Portugal, numerous tourists flock to Lisbon every year to explore its amazing heritage, cultural identity, and picturesque landmarks. Although we would recommend viewing its breath-taking cathedrals and taking in the history, you should consider walking through its backstreets and seeing what gems you can discover.


Located north of Lisbon,Fátima has a strong religious heritage and is one of the largest Catholic shrines in the world. Every year, millions of pilgrims make their way to the city – and its famous basilica – as part of a religious journey. Whether you believe in religion or not, Fátima is worth visiting just for its spiritual importance.


Located in the western part of the Algarve, Lagos has origins dating back to 2000 BC and has little gems of history around every corner. Although the town is encircled by walls dating back to the 16th Century, behind these is a destination which has almost every single activity you could think of. As a result, individuals of all ages are drawn to the wonders of Lagos.


If you’re looking for somewhere to get away from it all, consider visiting Sagres. Located in the southern Algarve, this little village is a gem of peace in the otherwise hectic parts of the region. If you want to enjoy some quiet and witness some beautiful views while having a drink in one of its many friendly cafes, make this destination a priority.


A traditional Portuguese town and the capital of the Algarve, Faro boasts exquisitely preserved medieval quarters as well as a stunning marina and plenty of outdoors cafes. The beaches and lagoons make wonderful walking opportunities and there are many lanes, chapels and churches to admire. There are also plenty of opportunities to try the local Faro seafood at the many restaurants that line the cobbled streets.

Gibraltar (Spain)

A unique destination in the Mediterranean, Gibraltar is an incredible location which is actually part of Great Britain – although it definitely has a clear Spanish identity. History buffs will be absolutely spoilt for choice with its naval and military heritage but there is something here for everyone. Why not visit some of its great beaches, take part in dolphin watching, or simply enjoy its eclectic nightlife?

Seville (Spain)

Located in the southern part of Spain, Seville is the capital city of Andalusia. Famed for its cultural and artistic heritage, it is well worth a visit just to see the amazing cathedral and witness the city’s beautiful landmarks.

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Wildlife and zoos

If you’re looking for wild encounters on your holiday, there are various activities which will be right up your alley! We have listed a few of these below.


Located in Guia, Zoomarine is an amazing theme park with a nautical theme. Focusing on marine animals, the park aims to entertain and educate tourists through such activities as dolphin shows, entertaining presentations from trainers, and a wide variety of unique attractions.

Zoo Lagos

With its aims in conservation and education, Zoo Lagos is a beautiful destination which aims to create a relaxing environment for the animals. Although not a huge commercial attraction, it has more than 120 species and even has a petting zoo for the kids.

Jeep safari

There are several jeep safaris throughout the region, but many take in breath-taking scenery while professional guides point out sights and interesting wildlife. This one, for example, is based in the Algarve and takes tourists on an amazing journey which lasts for seven hours.

Extreme fishing

Although Portugal has enough fishing opportunities to satisfy most individuals, the region is also the place to be for big game fishing and landing the ultimate prize. Why not consider some of these great activities?

Shark fishing

The waters of the Algarve are home to many thrilling species of shark, such as the hammerhead and the blue shark. Although there are many companies which offer tourists the chance to catch one of these animals, Blue Shark offers individuals big game fishing while ensuring that any white marlins or sharks are released alive following capture – unless if that specimen could be a record.

Family fishing

Although many will want to hit the waves and catch that elusive marlin, there are still monsters hidden throughout the rivers and harbours of Portugal. According to Tightlines Portugal, around 200 different species of fish can be located in these waters and they offer various activities to ensure fun for the whole family.

Reef fishing

Journey into the reefs of Portugal and fish for some of the best bait and species from the Mediterranean. Just be sure to bring a hat, plenty of sunscreen, and hit the waves with a reputable operator.


Looking for that ideal souvenir or something completely unique? Portugal has a variety of different shopping experiences to suit everyone. We have listed some examples below:

Shopping malls

Looking for the ultimate shopping experience with clothing brands, gifts, and other well renowned brands? Visit one of Portugal’s many shopping malls. Freeport, Colombo, and Cascais Shopping are just some of the places on offer.


Always ask around to find the niche locations and where to find that elusive item. However, Portugal possesses a wide variety of interesting markets selling a number of unusual items. For example, Feira Da Ladra (otherwise known as Lisborn’s flea market) is a veritable treasure trove where you can locate just about anything.

Cultural events

From concerts to local festivals, there is always something going on in Portugal. Although there are too many of these events to list here, these two are truly worth unmissable:


Carnival is far more than just a simple party, it is a gathering where thousands turn out to celebrate the seasons. Lisbon Carnival, for example, is typically celebrated with free events across the city, samba music lead by entertainers in dazzling costumes, and floats heading down the streets.

Festival of sand sculptures

Running throughout the summer in the Algarve, the International Festival of Sand Sculptures (SANDCITY) is a glorious event where 40,000 tons of sand are crafted into wonders. Each year typically has a specific theme.


Close to Rocha Brava there are walking paths with beautiful views.
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