Just a few minutes’ walk or drive from Rocha Brava you can enjoy each and every one of the stunning beaches that litter the coast of the Algarve. Make sure you pay a visit to them on your stay to soak up the tranquility and healthy fresh Mediterranean air.


Vale Centeanes beach is unique in that all 400m of crisp, golden sand sits in a home sheltered by huge cliffs. These rugged surrounds make this beach beautifully secluded from the surrounding scenery of hotels. At only 1km from Rocha Brava to the west the beach is accessed via a long stone step path to the east. You can enjoy pedal boating, shades and sun loungers alongside the nearby provision of drinks and food from various restaurants and bars along the paved entrance including toilet and shower facilities. During the summer season the beach is supervised giving you that extra sense of security. With parking nearby challenging due to the beach's high demand in the Summer Rocha Brava is perfectly situated just 20 minutes walk away.


A beach that is not only magnificent due to it’s distinct location, adventurous entrance and grand presence but this beach is steeped in rich legends of smugglers. At just 2 kms or about 45 minutes’ walk from Rocha Brava, Carvalho Beach can be a challenge to find! To get there you need to find the tunnel that leads down to the beach itself following steps carved into the rock which are steep. Once you’ve experienced the epic entrance you’ll find a magical beach with ever omnipresent towering cliffs and stacks of rock rising from the crystal blue waters. There are no amenities here with the closest being back at the top at Club Atlantico. Between April and September the beach is supervised, and in the Winter months the beach is deserted leading to an eerie desert island sensation when you’re there.


A huge, gentle staircase gives you access to a small bay. As you approach the line of the cliff, you will notice that the sands extend to the west. Warmly-coloured, very craggy and fissured limestone cliffs surround the beach, displaying a remarkable variety of curious rock formations, such as arches, caves, ledges and sinkholes. The diversity of marine habitats here is remarkable too. Rocky environments and fields of sea grass shelter colourful sea urchins and anemones, shoals of various types of bream, curious octopuses and cuttlefish and delicate seahorses. You can go snorkelling or scuba diving here, as there is an underwater trail that you can explore. Back on dry land, you will be charmed by the fields of orchids that bloom in spring and which you can see around the cliff-top picnic area. Or you can go for a delightful walk on the nature trail that runs along the line of cliffs between this beach and Vale Centeanes.


This beach lies at the bottom of a very deep valley next to the little fishing port of Benagil. The fishing village to which it owes its name stands high above on the cliff top. Access to the beach is through the area reserved for the fishing boats, which also take tourists on trips to visit the area’s sea caves and unspoiled beaches. Once you have passed the colourful fishing boats, the beach stretches out eastwards to the imposing ochre-coloured cliffs of carbonate rock with an abundance of marine fossils. Also known as shell mounds, they bear witness to a bygone time when the sea came farther inland. These rocks are now craggy and deeply eroded by the combined effect of the rain (which dissolves the limestone rock) and the mechanical force of the sea. In Benagil, you can see eroded rocks typical of karstic landscapes, such as caves or sinkholes, cut into the cliff face.


Just 3 km or a hours walk to the west of Rocha Brava is the picturesque town of Carvoeiro. Along the white building lined cliff tops enclosed by sandy, rugged cliffs is the beach. This beach is a popular regional destination with its crisp clean waters and soft sands especially with families as access is simple and easy. Wheelchair access is possible here and parking is available if required in the town centre.

Alongside the beach you’ll free toilet and shower facilities and there are lifeguards available making the beach a safe and charming location for a day out.

For those feeling adventurous boat trips to the surrounding caves are available nearby as well as the hire of pedal boats, jet skis and inflatable banana boat rides. You can also hire sun shades for extended stays enjoying regular dips in the sea sprinkled with trips for refreshments at the nearby bars and restaurants.

Check here activities to enjoy the Algarve coast and its beaches.


Joining Praia da Marinha and Algar Seco, passing in front of Rocha Brava Village Resort, there is a clifftop path which has been deliberately constructed to allow pedestrians to appreciate the amazing rock formations which exist in this region. The kaleidoscope of colours, textures and shapes is something to behold and something unseeable anywhere else.

An adventurous but straight forward walk to follow along the coast and clifftops will have you exploring the sights high above the Algarve cliff tops. Caves, blowholes, secluded silver beaches as well as numerous shops, bars and restaurants dotted along the way allowing a quiet and reflective stop along the way.

A fantastic cliff top adventure allowing you the freedom to distance yourself as you wish. The walk is usually are quiet with reasonable paths and footways throughout. Care must be taken throughout due to unfenced blowholes and cliff edges as well as the possibility of thick coastal fog.

Download here the Seven Hangin Valleys Walk trail map

More information can be found by asking at our reception area on your arrival.

These are only a few of the beaches within easy reach of Rocha Brava Village Resort. We can also recommend the beaches of Benagil, Marinha, Armação de Pêra, Caneiros, Pintadinho and Praia da Rocha.

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