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Relax. The only word you need to know when visiting our beauty salon while indulging in our range of treatments performed by experienced, qualified professionals.

Pim Kamdee is a traditional Thai therapist qualified at the Wat Po Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand.

Traditional Thai therapies can be used to aid a multitude of problems, from general aches and pains to other health issues such as easing symptoms of diabetes and cramps, as well as for simple relaxation and de-stressing.

Pim specialises in traditional Thai massages, an ancient art in which controlled gentle force is applied to pressure points in order to stretch muscles and relax and invigorate the body.

She will diagnose the most beneficial combination of treatments for each particular client.

Treatments available

Thai Traditional Massage

An ancient art. Controlled gentle force is applied to pressure points which stretches the muscles thereby relaxing and invigorating the body.

Thai Oil Massage

This gentle and relaxing technique incorporates herbal oils to relax the body and rejuvenate circulation.

Swedish Massage

A full body deep tissue massage which relaxes both body and mind.

Back, Head, Neck and Shoulders

For general relief of aches and pains.

Combination Massage

Following discussion and initial body check, Pim will diagnose the most beneficial combination of the above treatments to suit your personal needs.

Mini Combination Massage

Thai Foot Massage

This traditional oriental foot massage, known in Europe as reflexology, facilitates relaxation and a sense of well being, naturally balancing the entire system.
Excellent for sufferers of diabetes, poor circulation, cramps, etc.
This treatment also includes Head and Neck massage.

Ayurvedic Massage

Classical massage, performed with long movements, with average pressure in order to nourish and stimulate the whole energic and physical body.

Indian Head Massage

For relief of stress and pain, being also effective in cases of hair loss or baldness.

Singing Bowl Massage

Direct relaxation and relief of stress, muscle tension, insomnia and child and adult hyperactivity.

Vacuum Massage

For body sculpting, cellulite reduction and diseases such as osteochondrosis, bronchitis and even common colds.

Beauty treatments


File, shape, massage, polish.

French Manicure


Cut, file, foot massage, polish.


Full leg, half leg, bikini line, under arm, eyebrows


Use of special beauty products to cleanse, refresh and tone the skin.
Revitalizing mask, face, neck and shoulders massage, application of a nourishing moisturiser.

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