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Carvoeiro beach resides in the very centre of the town and is a hub of tourists and sun worshippers alike. There are plenty of facilities here too including free showers and toilets. There are also beach huts from which you can ice creams and drinks although for something more substantial you’ll have to head back into Carvoeiro town itself. An ideal beach avoiding the steep descents common to many beaches in the Algarve.

One of most popular beaches is Praia da Marinha with its high cliffs and accessible rocky outcrops. One of the most stunning there are also a great choice of trails that run along the cliffs where you can enjoy the great vistas of the area. The beach is fairly small with steep steps reaching down to the beach itself. There are plenty of places to get food and drink in the town itself.

Another close by beach is that of Paraiso beach. Although there are no lifeguards here with a steep descent by steps it’s a great beach to avoid the crowds during the summer periods. The beach does run thin during high tide but low tide offers plenty of sand with calm seas.

Finally, there’s Vale de Covo Beach which hides behind a local hotel surrounded by steep cliff faces. A small beach but one that offers shallow waters to explore and some stunning rock archways and hollows. The water is crystal clear and outcrops can be seen throughout the shallows.

Algarve International Fair

Having grown from a local affair to a whole weekend event showcasing local businesses but also providing live entertainment including a dog show. It’s a great opportunity to grab a bargain with over 10,000 people flocking here with promotions on goods. It does cost a few Euros to attend but there is plenty to see as well as many new tastes to explore. English is the main language of the event attracting foreign locals from across the Algarve.

Boat Trips

There are numerous boat trips available in Carvoeiro including the cavern boat trip which is highly recommended. Get the opportunity to go aboard a vessel and explore the stunning rock formations, caves and caverns accessible by small boat, definitely a big photo opportunity. The caves and grottos formed by years of water erosion form mystical and unique formations which offer a must see trip.

Eating and Drinking

Carvoeiro also offers many opportunities to taste the local seafood and other Algarvian delicacies. A popular stop is the “Cocktail Garden” where you can enjoy a great family atmosphere and good selection of drinks.

Wondering into the town you’ll find a circle of bars and restaurants all offering their own menus and selections depending on the time of the day. Due to their position there are also plenty of places to enjoy an evening meal and drink here while watching the warm sunset across the local hills and cliffs too. There’s something for all tastes and all budgets.

Because Carvoeiro is in the Lagoa area which is famous for it’s production of local wine you’ll find lots of places offering this as part of the menu too.

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