Pickleball in Portugal

Pickleball no Algarve | Rocha Brava Village Resort

We’re feeling the ripples of pickleball reaching us here in Portugal, so why not get involved in the fast-growing sport in one of Europe’s sunniest regions?

The Algarve Forecast in Winter

Tempo no Algarve no inverno | Rocha Brava

Europe’s worst-kept secret – and for good reason! – the Algarve is well-known as the perfect destination for a sunny summer break. However, as winters in Northern Europe get icier, those searching for summer sun have found that Southern Portugal is the perfect place for that, too. With only a short rainy period and the […]

The Algarve: The Perfect Place for Winter Picnics

Picnic no Algarve | Rocha Brava

While the idea of a winter picnic may conjure images of icy fingers clutching at a warm thermos as you huddle like penguins to keep the heat in, it’s safe to say that when that winter picnic’s in the Algarve, that’s certainly not what you can expect.  Picture the brightest blue sky framing vibrant palm […]

Restaurants in Carvoeiro: Where to Eat

5 Restaurantes em Carvoeiro que não vai querer perder | Rocha Brava

When on holiday, there’s simply nothing better than exploring the restaurants on offer. Whether you dive into local specialities, take your tastebuds on a tour of what the country has to offer, or seek out your personal favourites, there’s a thrill in picking out the establishments you’ll visit, so keep reading to explore some of […]

Golf Holidays in the Algarve

O Paraíso dos Campos de Golfe no Algarve | Rocha Brava

Explore the Algarve’s Best Golf Courses Three hundred days of sunshine a year make the Algarve a golfing destination of excellence. The weather, that is, and the wide selection of 32 golf courses spread along Portugal’s southernmost region, boasting views over the Atlantic, rolling hills, and some of the Algarve’s characteristic whitewashed towns and villages.  […]

Walking in the Algarve: Walking Holidays for all tastes

Caminhadas no Algarve | Rocha Brava

A year-round hiker’s paradise Few places in Europe are quite as pleasant year-round as the Algarve. From warmer summer months when any exercise should be interspersed with dips in cooling water, to balmier winters with little rainfall and clear skies, it’s no wonder the region is well-known as a walker’s paradise. With walking season in […]

The Algarve’s Best Beaches

Descubra as Melhores Praias do Algarve | Rocha Brava

Find out about award-winning beaches in Portugal The Algarve: voted Europe’s best beach destination 8 years running and the world’s leading beach destination 2, and for good reason. But when you look closer, you’ll find there’s more to Southern Portuguese beaches than simply finding your nearest sandy enclave. From hidden beaches only accessible by sea […]

Wildlife in the Algarve: Dolphin, Whale, and Birdwatching

Ver Golfinhos no Algarve | Rocha Brava

Boat trips to explore the sea and skies When in the Algarve, there are some activities visitors simply shouldn’t miss. One is exploring some of Europe’s best beaches, but another unmissable attraction lies just beyond the Algarve’s golden sand, diving among and over the waves. Home to a vast array of sea creatures big and […]

Walks on the Beach: Benefits and Top Tips

Benefícios de Caminhar na Praia | Rocha Brava

The benefits of walking in the Algarve Whether you’re a seasoned walker looking to mix up your location, a beach lover seeking new seaside entertainment, or a holiday goer wondering what to do, it’s safe to say that walks on the beach are an all-around winner. From the quality of the workout on legs, knees, […]

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